LaRue's Massage & Bodywork
'Your Money's Worth Begins Here!'

About Us



"Massage & Bodywork is the secret of contentment: In the right hands, massage releases more than muscular tension. It allows us to relinquish fears, let go of pent-up emotions, grief & surrender to feel our untapped joy. The perfect massage is a work of art and an opportunity to release stresses long buried in the mind, body & spirit."

LaRue's is a cozy Massage & Bodywork Spa located in the Mesa Village Plaza Centre in Murrieta, California.  We're a small team ready to make a large impact on your therapeutic needs!  By appointment, we currently cater to individual guest(s) and couples by request seeking amazing therapeutic massage & bodywork, skincare, & spa services.  Our training is extensive and our goal is to provide you with the most outstanding & ultimate therapeutic & pampering services that will 'KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF'.  We're motivated, hard working & sincere.  [We utilize some of the finest products & skin-loving ingredients in our treatment rooms.  Stop by to purchase the most amazing Natural & Organic Bath & Body & Soy Candle gifts.]  

We are open 'BY APPOINTMENT'.  We prefer scheduling in advance because your space is carefully prepared for your individual needs, preferences & level of comfort.  HAVE IT YOUR WAY! -- I.E.: ("May I have a warm room please?" "I don't care for light in my eyes when I am face up." "I don't like to chat when I am getting a massage." "Please do not touch my feet -- I'm ticklish." "Focus on my BACK only.")  We want your experience with us to be unique & most memorable.  

Whether our guest(s) are seeking to ease muscle tension from stress, sports or illness, increase their flexibility, enhance their sports performance & abilities or even to heighten their relaxation senses & awareness to develop a feel of wellness & wholeness, our guest(s) are catered to according to their specific expectations, goals & needs.

Our guests are provided with professional, quality & uninterrupted therapy. Therapists do not answer phones during session & as a courtesy to all guest(s) silencing your cell phones during treatment is appreciated.  

At LaRue’s we honor our guest(s) by meeting their expectations and needs to the best of our knowledge, education & physical abilities.

Each therapist(s) is expected to be conscious & honest with respect to their limits whether it is physical and/or educational and to have the best of intentions & ethics with their guest(s) and to provide the best services with their knowledge, experience & individual expertise.  We're here to offer you the best A' La Carte menu with an 'All You Can Eat' experience.  ;-)

Education:  Our therapist(s) are certified & licensed.  Fluent in English.

Our Therapist's/Practitioner's CREED:

With each & every guests and with every approach, we vow to have the best attitude & gratitude and we are so honored that you have chosen us.  We promise to give 100% to you of the services you requested.  We want you to leave us knowing that you made the right decision in choosing us and that your money was well invested in our care.  We want to be your first & only Spa of choice!  We promise to strive in assuring that our services are top notch and to make certain that we are consistent.  We will strive to give you a rest assured mind & heart that each time you visit us, it will seem as though it was your first time.  We want to make the best first impression, however, it is our ultimate goal to make a lasting one.  Namaste