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EFFECTIVE APRIL 1st, 2017 we will no longer be accepting Spa Finder Gift Cards.  Thank you for your patience with us as we extremely short staffed.  Your calls and emails are important to us.  We promise to return all missed call messages and emails as quickly as possible.

We're so sorry that we are currently unable to accommodate COUPLES or group scheduling.   Thank you for your patience with scheduling.  We do our best to return all phone calls within the same business day.

We understand & respect that some may not approve of our policies.  Please do not schedule here with us if you are unable/unwilling to abide by or accept our policies set forth.  Thanks.

WE REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD TO SECURE YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT  TIME REQUESTED.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL WE SCHEDULE or RESERVE AN APPOINTMENT WITHOUT A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD​.  Unless you have a Gift Certificate, we do not 'HOLD' appointments without a secured payment at any time for any reason.  IF YOU HAVE A GIFT CERTIFICATE, PLEASE HAVE YOUR PURCHASED GIFT CERTIFICATE & ITS IDENTIFICATION NUMBER READILY AVAILABLE WHEN SCHEDULING  YOUR APPOINTMENT.  We accept ALL major credit cards or debit logos.  If an appointment is canceled within less than a 24 hour notice, the credit card on file given will be charged 50% of services scheduled and 100% if appointment is a 'NO SHOW'.  In the case of Gift Certificates, they will be forfeited/redeemed and no longer valid.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Your appointments are reserved especially for you and your reservations are carefully prepared & thought out.  This takes time! Anyone who either consciously chooses to forego  their appointment for whatever reason without giving prior notice will be considered a “no-show.” No shows will be charged 100% of scheduled services for their “missed” appointment.   Fee will be charged to your credit card on file on the scheduled appointment date.  If using a coupon deal, special promotion offer or gift certificate, or Spa Finder voucher will be redeemed and forfeited.  Cancellations made one hour prior to the scheduled appointment time will be considered a 'NO SHOW' and will be billed as mentioned.  Your failing to give us a courtesy call to cancel your appointment DOES NOT allow us to schedule someone else in your place.  Please be considerate of our time as we are considerate of yours.  Please set your reminders accordingly. 


We accept SPA FINDER WELLNESS/SPA WISH Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm valid towards non-discounted services only.  If you fail to mention that you have a Spa Finder at the time of scheduling and you schedule on Saturday or Sunday, your credit card on file will be billed accordingly.  Spa Finder cards will be redeemed at the time of scheduling and credited towards your account.  We cannot 'undo' this credit.

Sorry, we do not honor the 'promo value' of EXPIRED certificates or coupons.

If you are uncertain about the services you are able to receive for health reasons, please refer to our list of common 'Massage Contraindicators' and seek physician advice prior to scheduling your appointment.  Please see 'Massage Glossary' for description of services.

LaRues Massage & Bodywork cater to individuals & couples seeking massage, bodywork, skincare & spa services.  

As some of these may have restrictions, if you have Spa Finder, gift certificate (gc) or coupon, please provide the name and the GC/Coupon# at the time of scheduling.  We accept Spa Finder & Spa Wish Tuesday through Friday valid towards non-discounted services & packages.  

Promo value or discount coupons/gc may be redeemed for individual services only.    

IMPORTANT: Please review 'Guest Hours' @ Menu Bar for complete information on our late arrival & cancellation policies.


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